An introduction to Lensbaby Sweet Optic photography.

10 Responses to “Sweet Optic Photography Segment 1 – Introduction”

    • Moneybaum

      Why Can’t I detach my Sweet 35 optic from the composer pro? I follow the video but it won’t detach … any suggestions

    • Keri

      With Sweet 35, you need to also push down (think medicine bottle) in order to get the optic to release. Try pushing down as you turn it counter-clockwise to get it to release. And just make sure to lock the Composer in place, and rotate the optic all the way forward so you have a good, sturdy grip, and the Composer doesn’t flop around. Please let me know if this helps!

  1. [email protected]

    I was always fascinated by Bruno Aveillan’s technique in filmmaking … and I got lensbaby because it has similar effects to that he used in his work … I am very happy with my composer pro II kit and plan to get the fisheye and edge 80 soon …
    Also I thought it would be a bit complicated to use but in fact it wasn’t … I managed to change optics without any hassle … focus and shoot experimenting with tilting and shifting and it was really a smooth process.
    Thanks for this creative experience

  2. nstrik33

    Can Lensbaby create more Sweet 35 tutorial video’s? I’m just not getting it.

    • Keri

      Hi there – do you have any specific questions that we can try to address in future video content – or possibly point you to another resource?

  3. adamp

    Is there a compatibility chart for the optics and accessories ie what will work with what
    Regards Adamp


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