Sol is powerful yet intuitive, and easy to use. Whether you’re a pro, an artist or just starting out – discover or rediscover your passion for in-camera creation with the Sol 45 and Sol 22.

Sol 45 is a 45mm lens and Sol 22 is a 22mm lens. Both are fixed f/3.5 selective focus lenses that creates a tack-sharp circular area of focus surrounded by smooth blur and bold bokeh. Simply choose what you want to emphasize in the frame, bend the lens toward it, rotate the front-most ring to bring your subject into focus, and shoot.

Sol 45 is available for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Sony A, Pentax K & Fuji X cameras. Sol 22 was designed specifically for Micro 4/3rds shooters and works on Olympus and Panasonic cameras.