There are several things that go into creating a compelling portrait, and much of it happens during the moments that you’re not looking through the lens. Connecting with your subject – whether it’s a client you’re just meeting, a close family member, or a model – can have its own challenges. However, it’s an important part of creating a strong portrait – when you’ve really connect with your subject, it shows in the photos you create.

Over the next several months we’ll be bringing you videos featuring three unique photographers who will share how they connect with their subjects.

Chris Flash is a professional photographer and makeup artist based in Linz, Austria. He uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality work. He wants to share his vision of the world, and is passionate about capturing special moments and emphasizing the pure beauty of nature. He has a special passion for removing the boundaries imposed by various genres of photography by combining different elements into a single masterpiece.

In Connecting through Expressive Portraiture, Chris takes us through his process of working with models to embody a role instead of simply directing and posing them, to create art with feeling.

Chris’s favorite Lensbaby lenses are the Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 and Edge 50.