Ever wondered how to shoot a Lensbaby portrait of a moving motorcyclist…while strapped to the back of a pick-up truck? Get ready to find out! Go on location with Kevin Kubota and Benjamin Edwards of Cinemotoguys for a motorcycle-themed commercial portrait shoot. Get behind the scenes to see our brand-new Velvet 85, as well as Twist 60 and Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 in serious action. But don’t worry, they’ll cover Lensbaby portraiture without death-defying stunts as well. In this video, you’ll learn how master bokeh in studio, light your model indoors or out, and how to utilize the strengths of our lenses.

Kevin Kubota is a professional photographer, speaker, author, blogger, and avid motorcyclist. American Photo Magazine named Kevin of the “Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World”. His photos have been on and in countless popular magazines and photography books. Kevin is the founder of Kubota Image Tools and cofounder of Cinemotoguys, a new company that focuses exclusively on motorcycle filmmaking and photography.

Benjamin Edwards is a wedding, portrait, and humanitarian photographer and author. Benjamin was featured in Photo District News magazine in Sept. 2009 as a “Photographer Making A Difference,” and won a Hollywood Film Festival award in 2009. Benjamin is the cofounder of Cinemotoguys.

4 Responses to “Portrait Photography”

  1. GBledsoe

    While this is full of interesting information, it really isn’t about portrait photography. This is a lifestyle shoot. I would be interested to see a video on portrait photography that reflects the qualities of good traditional portraiture: capturing the essence of the sitter, how to focus on eyes, and so on.

  2. sotongsedap

    I agree, I am a stay home dad and would like a tutorial where more of a “everyday portrait” with simple available light setup could be achieved with Velvet lens instead of those setup which require assistant, tons of flash and humongous diffuser.

    • Keri

      Keep watching! Check out the Urban video content for more every day portrait tips – and we have more of that in the works for this Spring.


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