From studio portraiture to lifestyle shoots, from street photography to simply getting more confident connecting with your subject – learn how a range of portrait photographers use Lensbaby lenses to create something new and personal.

4 Responses to “Portrait Photography”

  1. GBledsoe

    While this is full of interesting information, it really isn’t about portrait photography. This is a lifestyle shoot. I would be interested to see a video on portrait photography that reflects the qualities of good traditional portraiture: capturing the essence of the sitter, how to focus on eyes, and so on.

  2. sotongsedap

    I agree, I am a stay home dad and would like a tutorial where more of a “everyday portrait” with simple available light setup could be achieved with Velvet lens instead of those setup which require assistant, tons of flash and humongous diffuser.

    • Keri

      Keep watching! Check out the Urban video content for more every day portrait tips – and we have more of that in the works for this Spring.


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