Immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Professional photographer Levi Sim will teach you how to wield the creative power of Velvet 85, Sweet 80 Optic, Sweet 35 Optic and Twist 60 for nature, landscape & macro photography.

7 Responses to “Nature Photography”

  1. jacksgranny

    When will this course start. I bought a lensbaby 80 and can’t get the hang of it, getting ready to send it back.


    I feel the same as one customer above – really to give them back. I thought I would find this easy since I started photography with manual before automatic everything. It is frustrating not to see my shutter speed and not to be able to see/adjust focal point. What am I missing? I have a Canon Mark IV and the trio of Velvet 85, 56 and twist (Christmas/birthday gift). Also, I accidentally turn my Aperature when I manually focus. Tips? Your videos never address shutter speed.

    • Keri

      Unfortunately because our lenses do not contain electronics you’re going to have to set focus (by rotating the lens barrel) and aperture (dial on the lens or optic) manually. Your camera should however meter for you – you won’t see on the camera or in the metadata what aperture you’re shooting at, you’ll only see this on the lens itself but your Canon Mark IV should meter for you and set the proper shutter speed. To get started and have a better experience with exposure, shoot in Av mode. In that mode, again, you’ll set your aperture and your focus but the camera should meter and set shutter speed for you.

      Please let me know if this helps – and as always feel free to reach out directly to Customer Happiness at Lensbaby and Emily can help you out! ( or 971-223-5662).

  3. HeatherMC

    Where on your website can I find a succinct inventory of what eash of the lenses do and their effect, I would love to get one but which one is alluding me.

  4. Bonnie

    Very helpful. Thank you. I’m looking forward to perfecting my lensbaby skills.


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